The Swinghoppers

The Swinghoppers are a 3-piece live act who take classic Swing songs and Hip Hop-ify them and vice versa. The result is something that is familiar enough for crowds to immediately connect with, whilst original enough to thrill them with its freshness.

Comprising a rapper (Offbeat), beatboxer (Pye) and singer (Sharleena Ray), the Swinghoppers predominately play to Electro Swing crowds, but are known to delight audiences of all backgrounds with their unique blend of music, high energy theatrics and tongue in cheek mobster chic.

Having released their debut E.P ‘Welcome to the Family’ in 2017, The Swinghoppers have burst onto the scene with vigour, performing at a wide range of shows and festivals across the country and have a slew of collaborations in the pipeline, most recently with Steampunk/Chap Hop extraordinaire Professor Elemental.