Run Tingz Cru

Two (or Cru) is usually better than one… a fact not lost on the Reggae-inflected rave razers Run Tingz Cru. A pair of hugely passionate individuals, combining two of bass music’s best loved and most vibrant genres, the Bristol based duo of G.Tactix and LXP have been relentlessly pushing their own unique blend of Reggae, Drum & Bass and Jungle since the launch of their eponymous record label back in 2010.

While Jungle remixes of Reggae or Dancehall tunes are certainly nothing new, the Run Tingz Cru have found their own unique niche by actively working with a host of both legendary and breaking Reggae vocalists to produce completely original, vocal-led tracks without a shoddy acappela or dodgy sample in sight! 

Mentored by the mighty Serial Killaz, who are well known for their innumerable D&B remixes of Jungle classics and hugely respected for their impeccable studio skills and production ethos, the Cru are committed to pushing themselves as far as possible as they continue to learn from the very best in the game. 

There is, however, far more to the Run Tingz Cru than massive tracks and a firing record label, as anyone that has witnessed their energy-packed club nights or crowd-churning festival shows will attest. Over the last 3 years the Cru have taken their unique stage show to a whole host of the UK’s best festivals, including Glastonbury, Glade, Boomtown Fair and Europe’s oldest Caribbean street party, Bristol’s St Paul’s Carnival. 

With a live show that stands heads above the average D&B DJ and MC combo, bookings have flown in from as far afield as France, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic and Austria, helping develop a global reputation for the Cru.