DJ Yoda

DJ Yoda is a multi-award-winning hip-hop DJ and producer, headlining festivals and clubs around the world. No typical club DJ, his interests lie in finding fresh and unique ways to bring turntables out of the club and getting involved in bespoke collaborations.

DJ Yoda is bringing his latest and greatest live show ‘Home Cooking’ to Wonder Fields this year. He has collaborated with many high profile artists on this project including The Jungle Brothers, Joel Culpepper and Eva Lazarus. You can expect to see appearances from a few of these figures during the set.

He was Dr Dre’s first choice to record a guest mix on his inaugural Beats 1 show for Apple Music in 2015, and was one of a select band of artists to perform at Banksy’s pop-up Bemusement Park, Dismaland. His eclectic series of How to Cut & Paste mixtapes offer a uniquely British take on hip-hop music and culture.