Airskimo have been bringing inflatable fun to festivals and events for over ten years. Their play sculptures look amazing, are great fun to play with and are a blast of fresh air and sprinkle of rainbow magic.

The Airskimo inflatables are like giant toys that children play with in many different ways depending on their mood.  They can be gentle and inquisitive, playful and sharing, or energetic and loud.  The sculptures are always staffed by skilled play workers who help children have fun safely.  They are hugely popular where ever they go.  Kids love inflatafun!

“When the Aiskimo inflatables come out there’s always a flurry of excitement and shrieks of delight, little kids love it!  Part giant toys, part giant brightly coloured aliens, they’re great fun.”
Leah Dermody – Event Manager, Starry Skies