Burger Theory

Not your average burger joint. Burger Theory is the home of the creative burger people. Expect burgers inspired by world cuisine with a range of specials from southern fried chicken to tempura soft shell crab burgers!

Burger Theory was founded by creative burger chef Rory Perriment. In 2012 he started experimenting with different recipes and discovered there are hundreds of ways you can make a burger.

Rory was later joined by chef partners Oliver Thorogood and Nicolas Makin in his quest to bring better burgers to the world.

They decided that they would be ‘The Creative Burger People’ with no limits to what can and cannot go in to a burger. With the menu set they started taking their delicious culinary creations to festivals and food fairs around the country. 

Burger Theory can now be found at weddings, street food events, music festivals, running pop-up kitchens and at their Bristol Restaurant.