Little is known about new artist WBBL – some say he was brought up on a diet of misunderstood folk music and balearic basslines, others say he is the first true star to come from the Ghetto Funk scene.

He may be a relatively unknown artist however he is breaking through with a unique style and sound specifically designed to delight your ears and shake the room. He instantly gained recognition from some of the scenes biggest players such as A.Skillz & Featurecast. Both featuring the same WBBL track in their promo mixes. G’wan the WBBL’r!

Hailing from the Southwest UK, WBBL serves up a fresh blend of home-grown funk, glitch and electro beats fused with the wobbliest hi-grade basslines known to mankind.

Watching him play ‘live’ is an organic and unique show every time. He performs using an array of controllers and samplers to recreate and reimagine his own tracks and remixes by constructing and deconstructing everything as he goes.

He manipulates all his classic tracks and remixes to give a new flavour, while also showcasing what the freshest new beats.

It’s basically the best of WBBL.