Probably the most influential rap artist to ever emerge from the UK; Jehst has been at the forefront of his home country’s Hip Hop scene since the early 2000’s.

With an extensive discography reaching into triple figures, and a string of critically acclaimed albums under his belt, Jehst’s heartfelt lyricism and true- school production sound has earned him a global reputation as a master in his chosen field.

Collaborating with artists as far afield as America, Australia, Eastern Europe and
even The United Arab Emirates, this truly iconic emcee/producer continues to
captivate the worldwide underground with fresh rhymes and dope beats!

With a brand new album in the pipeline, you can bet your rent money that the
best is yet to come from this cult hero. Stay tuned boppers, stay tuned…

An artist at the forefront of UK Hip Hop” – The Guardian

Not only is Jehst the best British rapper of all time, he’s also one of the greats on an
international level.
” – NME